ProPhysics provides license application and program start-up services for a wide variety of facility types.  We have been providing this service to our customers throughout the country since our inception. 

Our team works with your organization to attain a license that will meet your programmatic needs in the shortest possible time, and will assist you in start-up and low-cost equipment purchase where needed.

Our team likes getting in on the ground floor so that they can aid you in making the best possible decisions with regard to room layout, which will maximize efficiency but not undermine compliance with the public dose limits.License applications are specific to each program and all include a comprehensive radiation protection program and an ALARA program.

Contact us and see how we can simplify the licensing process, as well as develop a clear and practical radiation safety program for your facility.

ProPhysics has licensed and created numerous radiation protection programs for clients.  The following is a list of facility types that we developed license applications (initial and renewal) and radiation protection programs:

  • Universities & Colleges
  • Nuclear Medicine (Hospital & Outpatient)
  • Nuclear Cardiology (Hospital & Outpatient)
  • Radiation Oncology (Hospital & Outpatient)
  • Research & Development Laboratories
  • Research Laboratories (Broad Scope License)
  • Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Centers
  • PET or PET/CT Centers
ProPhysics also issues numerous license amendments for our clients to include:
  • Y-90:microspheres (SirTex & Theraspheres)
  • I-131 outpatient ablation therapies
  • Lymphoscintigraphy
  • Temporary & permanent brachytherapy implants
  • Zevalin & Bexxar treatment regiments


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