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ProPhysics Academy specializes in providing high quality training programs for professionals working in the fields of Radiation Safety, Medical Physics, and Medical Imaging satisfying the requirements of the NRC, Agreement State Agencies and Accrediting Bodies. Our courses cover a wide range of areas involving radiation and radioactive materials use in the workplace, with additional courses constantly developing. Our courses include pertinent examples, practice scenarios, hands-on use of equipment and round-table discussions. 

Many situations can create the need for professional training and the availability for occupational radiation worker training in any industry is limited. ProPhysics Academy was created in response to the need for solid professional level training that provides real world practical applications for the radiation safety community. ProPhysics instructors have over 100 years combined experience in Health Physics and Medical Physics with real-world expertise which they bring into the classroom. They are highly sought-after consultants with successful corporate track records who bring advanced tips of the trade as well as valuable experience and lessons learned to the classroom, giving even the most experienced practitioners something new to think about and bring back to their workplace.

Training Delivery Options
ProPhysics offers two delivery formats for live instructor-led training:

  • Public class schedules throughout the year in various US Agreement states
  • Private classes for large Enterprise accounts with multiple practitioners which can be brought onsite and customized to fit corporate requirements

Public Classroom Learning
Instructor-led training classes encompassing the latest Radiation Safety and Imaging practices and processes are scheduled in multiple cities in Agreement states throughout the year for licensees and registrants with personnel training needs. These classes are designed to enable attendees to not only understand the fundamental issues for Radiation Safety and Imaging, but to learn from live case study examples with the  best  accepted management practices for their industry.

Private Onsite Education
ProPhysics Academy can customize and bring training onsite to address the specific needs of large client organizations that have multiple personnel training requirements. Onsite training benefits include:

  • Cost-effective savings  - eliminate/reduce travel expenses for attendees
  • Time savings - relinquish the wait for public classes to emerge in a convenient location and timeframe
  • Exclusive access to instructor - discuss your unique installation challenges or issues
  • Confidentiality - speak openly about proprietary implementation challenges and plans without having competitors in the room

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