ProPhysics will provide physics support for CT accreditation with either the ACR or ICACTL.  We will acquire all needed images and dose profiles using our equipment and our own ACR accreditation phantom.  Support from a knowledgeable CT technologist is beneficial for accreditation so that it may be assured that protocols that are used are site protocols.  If dose or other parameters fail to meet ACR or good practice guidelines using site protocols, ProPhysics will advise adjustments to site protocols such that accreditation criteria may be met. 

ProPhysics will fill out all technical data on accreditation paperwork and will assist in the preparation of all paperwork at the time of the survey.  Any follow-up that may be required by the ACR or ICA due to failures of the machine will be pro-rated based on the level of re-testing required.

ProPhysics will help establish a QC program based on accreditation guidelines using the site's machine phantom as the QC phantom.

An annual physics survey is required for on-going accreditation. ProPhysics will provide this survey within the same month +/- 30 days and will contact the site annually to arrange the survey. 

New ACR Guidelines for Acceptance Testing after a Major Repair:


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