MRI Accreditation services utilize the site's ACR MRI phantom.  The ACR phantom must be used for routine QC by the site; therefore, a phantom must be purchased by the site.  Once a phantom is obtained, PPI will come on site and, with the assistance of a qualified MRI technologist, will obtain all needed scans and perform all calculations. 

PPI realizes that tying up an MRI machine for an accreditation survey may be limiting to many practices, so as a time saver, PPI will provide detailed phantom scanning protocols to a technologist.  The technologist has the option to make as many of the required scans as they can when the machine if free prior to our arrival on site. 

PPI will provide a detailed report to the site as part of the required paperwork in the accreditation package.  PPI will also provide instruction and assistance in establishing the QC program.  An annual physics survey is required for on-going accreditation; PPI will provide this survey within the same month +/- 30 days and will contact the site annually to arrange the survey.


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