Nuclear Medicine Audits and Services
ProPhysics provides all routine quarterly, semiannual, and annual physics services, including dose calibrator quality control (linearity, accuracy and geometric variation), area radiological surveys, and sealed source inventories and leak tests.  We also perform a complete review and audit of nuclear medicine records, including patient dose administration records, dose calibrator and camera quality control records, survey data, ventilation measurements, dose receipt, assay and disposal records, personnel monitoring and bioassay records. Additional available services include annual radiation protection program audits, quality management program reviews and in-service training. ProPhysics physicists can also attend radiation safety committee meetings in an advisory capacity to assist facilities with regulatory compliance issues.

Nuclear Medicine Licensing
ProPhysics can provide a complete license application or reapplication regardless of the type of facility or scope of licensed activity. We have offered this service for years to a variety of clients to streamline the process of bringing a nuclear medicine facility on line. ProPhysics also offers license consultation services in cardiac nuclear medicine, mobile nuclear medicine, lymphoscintigraphy/sentinel node biopsy, and other new uses of radioactive materials. ProPhysics provides invaluable services to new nuclear medicine departments, including equipment quality control and acceptance testing, hot lab design, and procedure development.     

Accreditation in nuclear medicine may be obtained typically through either the ACR or the ICANL. The ACR process involves the testing of phantom images using gamma cameras and other camera tests. ICANL accreditation involves more paperwork and is largely driven by establishing protocols and procedures as well as QC.  Physicist involvement is limited, but ProPhysics stands ready to provide assistance in protocols, procedures, and QC on an "as needed basis", normally billed hourly.

ProPhysics physicists have over 20 years of nuclear medicine experience and have obtained certification in medical health physics by the American Board of Medical Physics and in comprehensive health physics by the American Board of Health Physics.


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