General Radiology Physics Services
ProPhysics provides a comprehensive evaluation of the calibration and performance of all types of x-ray equipment, including radiographic units, fluoroscopic units, mammography units, digital systems, mobile units, CT systems, special procedures units, and cardiac cath labs. These services are normally required annually or following any servicing or relocation of the equipment. Technique charts, skin entrance exposures, and regulated parameters (state, FDA, MQSA, and JCAHO) as well as parameters essential to good quality control are assessed and documented.

Image Quality Control Services
ProPhysics personnel have always been at the leading edge of quality control program implementation. Our personnel have developed QA/QC programs for large hospitals and have helped implement initial QA/QC protocols. ProPhysics personnel have clinical radiology backgrounds and are experts in assessing many components in the imaging chain. ProPhysics can help clients troubleshoot imaging problems and help avoid costly problems down the road.




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