X-ray Room Post-Installation Radiation Safety Survey
Post-installation radiation surveys are required by some states to ensure that the shielding required by a shielding design was properly installed.  The survey will define the radiation profile around the room, and given the stated workload on your shielding plan, we can determine if the room meets regulatory limits.  A report summarizing the findings is provided. 

General Radiation Safety Surveys
ProPhysics personnel performs all types of surveys for our clients to ensure they are administering their radiation protection program in a safe manner and are complying with regulatory statutes.  Some of the surveys we have been routinely asked to do are the following:

• PET Facility Survey (Public Dose Compliance)
• Nuclear Medicine Facility Survey (Public Dose Compliance)
• Patient Coverage (e.g. Prostate Seed Implants, Y-90:Microsphere procedures, I-131 Patient Coverage)
• Industrial X-ray Equipment Radiation Profile Surveys
• Radiation Oncology Source Room (Cs-137, Ir-192, Sr-90, etc.) Radiation Profile Surveys
• Lost or Missing Radioactive Materials (i.e. sealed sources) Surveys
• Site Characterization Surveys (i.e. exposure rate and contamination monitoring)
• Evaluation of new protocols (e.g. lymphoscintigraphy - melanoma, sentinel node, & parathyroid)

Post installation Area Radiation Survey
If you require a Post installation Radiation Survey, CLICK HERE



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